Every hour around 350 people die from COPD around the world.

A similar number are admitted to hospital with severe breathing difficulties. Still many more suffer with difficulties going about their day-to-day lives, or their condition is so bad they need to have constant oxygen therapy. Many people with COPD are diagnosed when their symptoms already affect their lives and when little can be done to improve this. There is an urgent need to detect COPD before it gets to these severe stages.

Here at Breaz, we want to change that

We are creating solutions to help doctors and nurses in the early detection of COPD to allow large population screening in primary care.

By diagnosing the disease early we want to enable early interventions and treatments to change the course of the disease.

This will give patients the opportunity to live with a better quality of life, for much longer and to avoid hospital and early deaths.

Will you help us make it happen?

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